Erfan Noury

Graduate Student


I'm a graduate student interested in applying deep learning to problems in computer vision and natural language processing. My current focus is on learning representations from data without any labeled data, or with a small amount of labeled data.

Work Experience

Camera Framework Engineer

Apple | February 2020 - Present

CVML Research Intern

Apple | Summer 2019

I was a research intern with the Computer Vision and Machine Learning (CVML) team at Apple.

Machine Learning Intern

Matroid | Summer 2018

During my internship at Matroid, I worked on developing, testing, and deploying deep learning models on production environments. The experience of working with the Matroid team was quite valuable, and for the first time I got to get familiar with the challenges and the difficulties of large-scale systems and production environments. I also got involved in an academic research on detecting Glaucoma in 3D scans of eyes.

NLP Research Engineer

Aylien | October 2016 - August 2017

During my time with Aylien, I studied memory-augmented neural networks and how these special family of neural networks can be applied to problems in natural language processing. Specifically, I worked on utilizing memory-augmented neural networks for tackling the problem of open-ended textual question answering. During my time with the Aylien team, I switched from using Lasagne to using TensorFlow and the experience I earned while working with Aylien had immense positive effect on me.

Research Experience

Graduate Research Assistant

Computer Vision Lab., University of Maryland, Baltimore County | September 2017 - Present

I am graduate research assistant under the supervision of Dr. Hamed Pirsiavash. My main areas of research are:

  • Meta-Learning
  • Self-Supervised Representation Learning

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Image Processing Lab., Sharif University of Technology | June 2013 - August 2017

I worked as undergraduate research assistant under the supervision of Prof. Shohreh Kasaei. My introduction to research environments and general research in computer vision happened in this lab. I am grateful for the opportunity that I was given as an undergraduate student. During my time, I worked on the following research problems:

  • Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Pose Estimation
  • Supervised Edge Detection
  • Integral Images and Their Applications

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Machine Learning Lab., Sharif University of Technology | December 2014 - March 2017

I worked on my bachelor degree project under the supervision of Dr. Mahdieh Soleymani Baghshah in the Machine Learning Laboratory. During my time in the lab, I worked on the following research problems:

  • Deep Neural Networks for Joint Image and Text Embedding
  • Augmented RNNs for Visual Question Answering


Detecting Glaucoma Using 3D Convolutional Neural Network of Raw SD-OCT Optic Nerve Scans


Erfan Noury◆; Suria S. Mannil◆; Robert T. Chang◆; An Ran Ran; Carol Y. Cheung; Suman S. Thapa; Harsha L. Rao; Srilakshmi Dasari; Mohammed Riyazuddin; Sriharsha Nagaraj; Reza Zadeh◆ (◆ indicates equal contribution).

Novel Deep Learning Algorithm Identifying Glaucoma Using Cirrus OCT 3D ONH Cube Scans


Suria S. Mannil◆, MS; Erfan Noury◆; An-Ran Ran, MD; Carol Yim Cheung, PHD; Reza Zadeh◆; Robert T. Chang◆, MD (◆ indicates equal contribution).
American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Annual Meeting.

Multiple Human 3D Pose Estimation from Multiview Images


Sara Ershadi-Nasab; Erfan Noury; Shohreh Kasaei; Esmaeil Sanaei.
Multimedia Tools and Applications.

Deep Relative Attributes


Yaser Souri; Erfan Noury; Ehsan Adeli.
Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), Taipei, Taiwan.